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What types of expensive hotels we are offering?

We have selected hotels and various expensive ccommodation options which include hotels of 4 star, 5 star and other deluxe type hotels. You will find a range of different hotel categories including family hotels, resorts, conference hotels and leisure hotels.

Expensive hotels what is included in the cost of accommodation?

Most hotels are offered on bed and breakfast basis, however, please check each individula hotel's offer to clarify what benefits are included. Many expensive hotels often offer special deals and bonuses such as free meals, bottle of wine or amissions to a leisure club.

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Riad Jnane Sherazade Hotel Casablanca 5.0*

East of the Habbous
Conviviality and the ever-present desire to satisfy their clients are the concepts of this villa, founded in 1953. Jnane Sherazade is situated in a prestigious quarter of the economic capital. Constructed from cut stone, with thick walls that assure remarkable quietness and insulation, the...
from 92 EUR
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