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Expensive hotels in Edinburgh

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What types of expensive hotels we are offering?

We have selected hotels and various expensive ccommodation options which include hotels of 4 star, 5 star and other deluxe type hotels. You will find a range of different hotel categories including family hotels, resorts, conference hotels and leisure hotels.

Expensive hotels what is included in the cost of accommodation?

Most hotels are offered on bed and breakfast basis, however, please check each individula hotel's offer to clarify what benefits are included. Many expensive hotels often offer special deals and bonuses such as free meals, bottle of wine or amissions to a leisure club.

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Apex City Hotel Edinburgh 4.0*

Old Town - Edinburgh Castle - Central Edindurgh - Grassmarket
Under the south side of Edinburgh Castle, in the heart of the old town sits the Apex City Hotel. A prime location for either business or leisure guests all of Edinburgh's main tourist attractions within walking distance of the hotel and Edinburgh's main offices. A contemporary four star deluxe...
from 135 GBP

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Hudson Hotel Edinburgh 4.0*

Central Edindurgh - Haymarket - Old Town
Hudson Hotel is an exceptional boutique hotel which belongs to Festival Hotels (Festival Inns) of Scotland. Hudson Hotel Edinburgh is a very popular centrally located 4 star hotel boutique, superbly located in the heart of Edinburgh. Hudson Hotel alows you to take advantage of all the historic...
from 150 GBP

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Four Sisters Boatel Edinburgh 4.0*

Bruntsfield - Haymarket - Old Town - Central Edindurgh
Four Sisters Boatel is situated in the center of Edinburgh, within minutes from Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. The Four Sisters is a permanently moored wide-beamed barge measuring 55 ft by 10 ft 6"by 6ft 4" in height, sleeping up to 4 adults and two children comfortably. Our...
from 150 GBP

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Dreamhouse Apartments Edinburgh 4.5*

Royal Mile - Holyrood - Edinburgh Castle - Central Edindurgh
These traditional Edinburgh City Centre townhouse one and two bedroom serviced apartments have 2 bathrooms, a large lounge and dining area and a fully fitted kitchen. The bedrooms are fitted with double beds and the master bedroom also has an en suite shower room. The second bedroom is...
from 160 GBP

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Apex European Hotel Edinburgh 4.0*

Haymarket - Central Edindurgh - Royal Mile
In the West End of Edinburgh's New Town is an area known as Haymarket. This is where the Apex European Hotel is situated. Within 10 minutes walk to Princes Street, Lothian Road and the EICC the Apex European is ideal for business and leisure guests alike. With Tynecastle and Murrayfield stadiums...
from 300 GBP

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Apex International Hotel Edinburgh 4.0*

Royal Mile - Edinburgh Castle - Grassmarket - Central Edindurgh
Within the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle sits the Apex International Hotel. With bedrooms that are within what seems touching distance of the castle as well as a rooftop restaurant with unrestricted views of Edinburgh's show piece attraction there is no better...
from 400 GBP
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