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At last hotels Estonia are available with discounted  last minute deals on line with instant hotel confirmation and trully last minute deals. Book hotels in Estonia on line now, receive your instant hotel confirmation voucher and pay directly in the hotel in Estonia on departure.

Justintimehotels offers on line accommodation in hotels of Estonia in the major cities. To book hotels in Estonia, please select a city from the list of cities in Estonia, then select a hotel in Estonia that you wish to book and complete a short on line hotel reservation form.

It is a tribute to the resilience of the Estonians that in the decade or so since the Declaration of Independence in August 1991 they have transformed their country from a dour outpost of the former Soviet Union into a viable nation with the most stable economy in the Baltic region.
Estonia hotels are still cheaper then accommodation in other Western Europe and by booking on Justintimehotels you will receive further discounts on hotels in Estonia. Estonia offers all kinds of accommodation including hotels,  budget hotels and accommodation, private small hotels and resort accommodation.

If you need any advise on accommodation estonia, do not hesitate to contact our office in London. Call + 44 208 579 07 89 in London or + 44 161 980 00 77 in Manchester.

Hotel Viljandi Estonia - find last minute hotel deals in Estonia

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Centrum Hotel Viljandi Отель Центрум Вильянди  3.0*

Welcome to the Centrum Hotel Viljandi – a cozy 3 stars hotel located in the city center. It is placed on the third floor of the Centrum shopping center. The hotel provides nice opportunities for tourists to explore the city of Viljandi. The business visitors of the city can take advantage of...
from 39 EUR

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Grand Hotel Viljandi Отель Гранд Вильянди  4.0*

Welcome to the Grand Hotel Viljandi – a 4 stars fashionable hotel located in the center of Viljandi city. The building of the hotel was constructed in 1938 and still remains the most beautiful places in the city. The interior of the Grand Hotel Viljandi meets past and future in a fusion of...
from 67 EUR
Hotel Tallinn Estonia - find last minute hotel deals in Estonia

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Meriton Old Town Hotel Tallinn  3.0*

Meriton Old Town Hotel Tallinn is located in the part of the Old Town that is close the port. Many shops and galleries are located just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Our hotel is a picturesque environment and a combination of modern architecture and pseudo-Gothic abundance of detail. Meriton...
from 0 EUR

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Pirita Top Spa Hotel Tallinn Пирита Топ Спа Отель Таллин  3.0*

Welcome to the Pirita Top Spa Hotel Tallinn – a 3 stars modern fashionable hotel located on the sea side right in a 10 minute walk from the buzzing center of Tallinn. The hotel provides a perfect choice of services for business guests and leisure tourists. Due to its location Pirita Top Spa...
from 68 EUR

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Sokos Viru Hotel Tallinn Сокос Виру Отель Таллин  4.0*

Welcome to the Sokos Viru Hotel Tallinn – a 3 stars superb hotel enjoying central location in Tallinn. The hotel is the best choice for a comfortable stay in whatever your aims are. Sokos Viru Hotel Tallinn is a cosy place for a family vacation providing great leisure facilities and good...
from 80 EUR

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Taanilinna Hotel Tallinn Таанилинна Отель Таллин  4.0*

We are glad to introduce you a new cosy modern 4 stars hotel – Taanilinna Hotel Tallinn, a small stylish venue in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town. The hotel enjoys ideal location in a quiet calm district far from vibrant city center. Taanilinna Hotel Tallinn is surrounded by numerous...
from 80 EUR

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Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru Tallinn Балтик Отель Вана Виру Таллинн  4.0*

Welcome to the Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru Tallinn – a perfect 4stars hotel located in the main street of the Old Town in Tallinn. The hotel stands next to the modern business quarter. The best restaurants, theaters and city attractions are right at your door step. Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru Tallinn...
from 84 EUR
Hotel Saaremaa Estonia - find last minute hotel deals in Estonia

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Saaremaa Hotel Отель Сааремаа  3.0*

Welcome to Saaremaa Hotel – a 3 stars hotel, located in a peaceful district of Mandjala in Saaremaa. The hotel is embraced by wild greenery of pine forest and soft sea rote. Saaremaa Hotel offers its guests the best getaway far from buzzing city with unique opportunities to spend a memorable...
from 99 EUR
Hotel Rakvere Estonia - find last minute hotel deals in Estonia

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Wesenbergh Hotel Rakvere Везенберг Отель Раквере  3.0*

Welcome to the Wesenbergh Hotel Rakvere – a 3 stars hotel, restored from an old 750 year old Wesenbergh Castle. Today the hotel is a modern fully equipped complex providing unsurpassed quality service, excellent apartments and good leisure and business facilities. Wesenbergh Hotel Rakvere is...
from 48 EUR

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Aqva Hotel and Spa Rakvere Аква Отель энд Спа Раквере  3.0*

Welcome to the Aqva Hotel and Spa Rakvere – a modern 3 stars hotel located in the center of the ancient city of Rakvere which history dates back to 1302. While strolling in the streets one can notice the features of ancient architecture preserved till nowadays. Aqva Hotel and Spa Rakvere was...
from 119 EUR
Hotel Narva Estonia - find last minute hotel deals in Estonia

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Narva Hotel Нарва Отель  3.0*

Welcome to the Narva Hotel – a 3 stars hotel set in the center of the city. Due to its location the hotel provides you perfect opportunities for business and leisure. Narva hotel stands in close proximity to the main business establishments and city attractions. Narva hotel invites you to...
from 53 EUR

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