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Welcome to Ukraine hotel deals page. Book Ukraine hotel deals on line and save up to 70% on your hotel bill. Select Ukraine hotel deals from the list of popular destinations in Ukraine. All our Ukraine hotel deals are offered with instant hotel availability. To book a hotel in Ukraine please select a destination from the list on the right and then select a hotel in Ukraine by city.
Ukraine Hotel Deals - what type of accommodation can I expect?
We offer a variety of different hotel categories ranging from standard tourist types to boutique hotels. If you would prefer to stay in traditional for Ukraine style of accommodation, you will find such hotels under bed & breakfast category the page of a particular city in Ukraine.
When is the best to book hotel Ukraine - last minute or in advance?
Best to book hotel in Ukraine as soon as you know your travel dates. Our Ukraine hotel deals are changing on daily baisis depending on availability in hotels. Generally, hotels offer cheaper last minute deals because they were not able to sell the rooms in advance. However, if a special events takes place or you travel in high seaon, do not leave it for too late and book hotel in Ukraine as soon as you can.
Hotel Donetsk Ukraine - find last minute hotel deals in Ukraine

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Donbass Palace Hotel Donetsk Отель Донбасс Палац Донецк  5.0*

Our convenient location in the city's centre gives you easy access to entertainment opportunities such as the Donbass Arena Stadium, Drama Theatre and Opera House, as well as the best shopping and all the other features of our great city. The hotel’s 129 rooms and suites are luxuriously...
from 162 EUR

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Eva Hotel Donetsk Отель Ева Донецк  3.0*

Modern Eva Hotel is located in the centre of Donetsk and is an ideal accommodation solution for business travellers. 3 star Eva Hotel Donetsk is one of the leading ones in the Donetsk hospitality sphere and it has great experience of successful work in providing hotel services. Accommodation of...
from 725 UAH

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Ramada Hotel Donetsk Отель Рамада Донецк  4.0*

4 star Ramada Hotel Donetsk (ex. Atlas Hotel) is located along the Kalmius River in a quiet area of Donetsk, with easy access to business centers, trendy shops and local places of interests. Our guests can visit the Donetsk Planetarium, St. Michael the Archangel and the Taras Shevchenko monument....
from 778 UAH

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Рамада Отель Донецк Ramada Hotel Donetsk  4.0*

Welcome to the luxury 4 star Ramada Hotel Donetsk (ex. Atlas Hotel)! Our hotel complex is ideally situated along the Kalmius River in a quiet area of Donetsk, with easy access to business centres, trendy shops and famous places of interests. Hotels guests can visit the Donetsk Planetarium, St....
from 914 UAH

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Victoria Hotel Donetsk Отель Виктория Донецк  5.0*

4 star deluxe Victoria Hotel is situated not far from the city centre, within 30 minutes car ride from the Airport, close to the newly open Donbass Arena Stadium. Victoria Hotel Donetsk offers 38 modern guest rooms of different categories. There are 1 restaurant (Victoria Restaurant) and several...
from 1260 UAH
Hotel Kharkiv Ukraine - find last minute hotel deals in Ukraine

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Mir Hotel Kharkiv Отель Мир Харьков  4.0*

Mir Hotel Kharkiv is a 4 star hotel complex located in the central part of the city on Lenin Avenue. Hotel complex includes the hotel, restaurant, cafe, bars, conference – halls, casino, night – club, hairdressing saloon, billiard, sauna and a Russian bathhouse, tour agency “Mir -...
from 355 UAH

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Kharkiv Hotel in Kharkov Отель Харьков  3.0*

Welcome to the 4 stars modern Kharkov Hotel Kharkiv!
Our hotel is is ideally situated on the main square. It is most centrally located hotel in Kharkov. Comfortable hotel has all the necessary amenities to provide maximal comfort and cosiness. Hotel’s building is one of the...
from 435 UAH

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Aurora Hotel Kharkov Аврора Отель Харьков  4.0*

Welcome to the modern 4 stars Aurora Hotel Kharkov!
Aurora Hotel Kharkiv is a comfortable hotel in the old downtown, but a few steps from the biggest square in Europe, surrounded by trendy shops. Our hotel is the ideal choice for those who appreciate the maximum comfort in everything!...
from 899 UAH

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Sun Light Hotel Kharkiv Отель Сан Лайт Харьков  5.0*

Welcome to the first 5 star hotel in Kharkov! The hotel complex of water park Sun Light Hotel opens doors for businessmen and travellers 24 hours per day and offers on a choice of 38 rooms for comfortable rest and pleasant pastime. Each hotel room is equipped with: Air-conditioning, Heating,...
from 962 UAH
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АН 2 Отель Харьков АN 2 Hotel Kharkov  3.0*

Welcome to the modern, cosy, 3 stars Hotel An-2 Kharkov !
Our boutique hotel is located in the central partof Kharkov, nearly 5 minutes walk from the stadium Metalist and 10 minutes drive from the airport. Guests can visit numerous shopping malls which is located just a few steps away....
from 2000 UAH
Hotel Odessa Ukraine - find last minute hotel deals in Ukraine

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Kurortniy Hotel Odesa Отель Курортный Одесса  3.0*

Welcome to the modern 3 stars Kurortniy Hotel Odesa(ex. Valentina Hotel Odessa)!
Our hotel is located in the picturesque area of Odessa - in the Arcadia beach not far from the local attractions. Hotel complex consist of 9-storied hotel and treatment building.
Kurortniy Hotel Odesa...
from 342 UAH

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Lermontovsky Hotel Odessa Лермонтовский Отель Одесса  3.0*

Welcome to the contemporary 3 stars Lermontovskiy Hotel Odessa.
Our boutique hotel is conveniently situated in the historical old town not far from the Black sea. Hotel is popular for its extremely qualified, friendly staff, comfortable and stylishly decorated rooms, and European service....
from 600 UAH

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Alexandrovskiy Hotel Odessa Отель Александровский Одесса  3.0*

Welcome to the newly built 3 stars Alexandrovskiy Hotel Odessa.
Our hotel is located in central Odessa, within a 10-minute walk from the famous Derybasovska pedestrian street, not far from the local places of interests such as: Cathedral Square, Primorsky Boulevard with Potemkin Stairway...
from 1133 UAH

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Mozart Hotel Odessa Отель Моцарт Одесса  4.0*

Mozart Hotel Odessa is located in the historical city center, opposite the famous Opera House and 100 meters from the main street of Odessa - Deribasovskaya. There are a lot of administrative buildings, banks, museums and other tourist places and one can reach all of them through old streets of...
from 1615 UAH

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Morskoy Hotel in Odessa Морской Отель Одесса  4.0*

Welcome to the 4 stars modern Morskoy Hotel in Odessa!
Our Morskoy Hotel Odessa is situated on the picturesque shore of the most beautiful Arcadia Bay in the central part of Odessa. The monument of architecture built at the very beginning of the XIXth century opens its doors at the...
from 1874 UAH

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