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Dear Customer!

If you want to make a new booking, please return to the main page and submit a Reservation form.

If you want to make a new booking for 5 rooms or more, please go to the Group Bookings page.

You should only use this page if you have an existing confirmed booking for up to 5 rooms.

Please note that all changes and cancellations are made subject to our Booking Conditions and amendment or cancellation fees may apply.

Please provide us with at least one of the following details about your booking:

  • our Booking Reference Number
  • the e-mail address you used when the booking was made
  • the last name of the guest in whose name the booking was made.

Please select one of the following actions below.

I would like to:

  • Change the dates of an existing booking/s
  • Change the number of rooms/change room types of an existing booking/s
  • Cancel an existing booking/s
  • Add a special request to an existing booking/s
  • Send feedback / a complaint
  • Other (please specify)

Details: (please specify details of what needs to be done to your booking here) 300 words max.

Example: Please amend my booking as follows: instead of 4 single rooms, please book 2 twins. The dates stay the same.

Enter your booking data please.
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