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visa will be happy to assist you with your visa requirments if you book accommodation with our company on our site or as a group request.

In order to get an invitation for visa support you should send us a separate request via e-mail so that we can help you with the documents to be provided by  to obtain a visa.

The price for this service includes the obligatory Consular Fee (the price for the Consular Fee may vary) and a visa processing fee if one of our representatives is required to help you obtain the visa.

The documents you need to supply are:

  1. Application form completed and signed by you
  2. Passport size photos taken no later than 6 months ago
  3. A letter from your employer confirming your salary
  4. Bank statements, pay slips, etc to prove you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay
  5. If you have recently received a new passport – copies of the old passport and any visas in it
  6. Payment of the appropriate visa handling fee

PLEASE NOTE: Visa support is provided only for those who book accommodation on our website. has the right to refuse visa support.

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